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Fall 2021 Season


The PowLAX Fall 2021 season has been cancelled. 

This decision was not made lightly as that lacrosse is our passion.  With volunteers down to less than a handful, including just a couple of coaches, and registration numbers not able to bring any single team to even half capacity, the Fall 2021 season was unable to be successful.  

We have spoken with Chesterfield Hammers (http://www.cylax.org/) and they are happy to take any and all of our players into their teams.  Official registration for CYL ends today, but we have spoken with their board and they may be able to provide some grace to our players since this change is coming so close to their deadline.  

We ask that you talk within your family and to your friends to help us build back up our volunteer base so that our PowLAX tradition can continue.  Without our board and coaches, we can not have a league.  It will be with your help and commitment that we can bring a Spring 2022 season back to Powhatan.

Yours in LAX,

Powhatan Lacrosse Board